All of these horses were chosen for their wonderful disposition and calmness on trails.  Few had formal ring and jumping training before we began working with them.  Some are not "finished" horses, but have had several months of gentle, quiet schooling, predominately in the method of John Lyons.  They are turned out daily on 60 acres and are happy, easy-to-catch, easy-to-handle companions.  Our training emphasizes calm, quiet, happy obedience.  They stand quietly while mounting, grooming, saddling, for the farrier, etc.  Please call me at 410-586-1617 with any questions that you have and I'll get back to you. 

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Dillon's True Grit

Dillon’s True Grit is an 8 year old, all-black with a star, 15.2 hh registered Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, ID # 20706030.   He was originally bought from breeder, Tom T. Hall in North Carolina and has been at our farm for several years.   He is a gentle, kind, old-style walking horse that gaits well.   We put a couple of months of training on him when he first came and he was smooth and uncomplicated.   Dillon has done well in local shows in hand, on the flat and over trail obstacles.   His owner has been hit with one health issue after another and has decided to find him a new loving home so that he doesn’t just sit.   We are riding him a few times per week and he has been fine, but given the low mileage on him, someone with some experience would need to put some miles on him before he would be ready for a beginner.   He is 100% sound and sane and would welcome a job with a kind person.   The photos are of Jocelyn, 5'2" and Baris, 6'2".   Below the still photos are four videos of Dillon..   Contact Linda by voice only at 410-586-1617.   This is a land line and does not receive text messages and I rarely have time to check my e-mail.   $2,500.   $1,500.  

The following videos are in QuickTime format. If you have trouble viewing them in your browser, other videos are available on our FaceBook Page.