We teach balance seat equitation, which we believe gives the rider the deepest, safest seat possible.  It also has the advantage of allowing the rider’s body to move more in harmony with the horse’s back at seated walk, trot, and canter than some other styles of riding which tend to pitch the rider forward and off the horse.  When you perfect this deep, supple seat, you will be amazed at how well you can stay with a horse when he stumbles, spooks, or bolts.  English and western riders can use this seat successfully.  It is the classical seat of dressage and the one you currently see on the winning riders at the Quarter Horse Congress. 

For all lessons you will need a safety helmet and some sort of hard-soled boot with a heel.  It does not need to be an expensive riding boot, but sneakers are not allowed for safety reasons. 

Riders need to be at the barn half an hour or so before their lessons to get, groom, and tack up the horse before the lesson.  We believe in teaching horsemanship here, and part of that is preparing the horse before the lesson and cooling out after the lesson for his health and safety. 

Option #1

The most inexpensive way to take instruction here is to sign up for our package of ten lessons.  You'll meet with Linda and decide on a lesson time that you can keep for the ten weeks.  Then you'll receive ten private lessons for $475.00.  You pay the $475.00 at the beginning of the series, and come for your weekly lessons.  Everyone starts with, and many stay with, private lessons, as we believe that the student gets maximum learning from this situation.  If, after a while you would rather be in a group or semi-private situation that can be arranged for you.  You may book a one-time "try-me" lesson for $60 to get the feel of how we teach or apply that lesson to your package of ten at the reduced rate.  You may also pay as you go at the $60 fee schedule.  The second lesson will incorporate instruction in our methods of tacking and grooming as well as correct leading and a review of the first lesson. 

Option #2

If you or your horse could benefit from an hour-long lesson, we can provide you with that for $60.00 per session.  This is a good option for people who want the occasional lesson, or who trailer in and want more than a week’s time to practice what they’ve learned.  You would pay for this at the time of your lesson.